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Inground Swimming Pools in Burlington


City of Burlington Pool Permit Setbacks

  • 1.5m from all property lines
  • Fence Wood: 1.2m min, 2m max
  • Chain link: 1.2m min if 1½” links OR 1.82m min if 2” links and 2m max
  • Wrought iron: 1.5m min, 2m max
  • Pool Equipment (.60m) min from side lot line.
  • Permit Fee $317.32

These are a base line setbacks, depending on your actual property and zoning requirements.

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City of Burlington Pool Permit Application Download

Download Burlington Inground Pool Permit Package

City of Burlington

426 Brant St., P.O. Box 5013 Burlington, ON L7R 3Z

Tel: (905) 335-7731 Fax: (905) 335-7876


Pool enclosure permit fees and permit securities are payable at the time of application and are as follows:

Pool Permit Fee $317.32

Zoning Clearance Fee $105


Drawing Requirements

• Two (2) copies of survey or site plan showing pool and pool equipment location and setbacks from all property lines, and any proposed changes to grade including landscaping

• Two (2) copies of pool enclosure details. This drawing must show all measurements as set out in Fence By-law 80-90, and may be on the above survey or site plan.