The idea of DIY has changed over the years, with online video tutorials, realty home improvement tv shows and big box stores selling done 4 you kit’s; DIY just doesn’t have to be inside it’s an outdoor movement that’s gaining momentum.

If you are looking to add some “luxury” to your backyard and create the magazine photoshopped oasis, then this article will definitely help you along the way.

1. Installing Outdoor Mirrors

Installing outdoor mirrors creates the illusion of space in your yard. You can use old wooden windows and replace the glass or pick up some barn board and build your own frame. It’s also a great way to recycle and help the environment.  Just make sure that the mirrors are tightly fastened with our Toronto wind storms accidents can happen.

Buy reclaimed lumber and barn board online visit

Outdoor Mirrors 

2. Makeshift Water Park

Growing up as a kid, never the luxury of an inground swimming pool my parents would setup the garden hose and away we went.  Having a swing slide playset could be converted to your very own water park.  Grabbing a utility blue tarp and a garden hose, you have your very own water slide.  Tarp is about $18 at your local hardware.


3. Outdoor Chalkboard

You will be amazed with the creativity kids have will exploring the outdoors, adding an outdoor chalkboard is an extension to the playground area. Rather than adding expensive outdoor art to your fence or shed wall, adding a DIY chalkboard creates an additional space.  Step by step instructions visit Lowes


4. Offer Birds Colorful Nesting Materials

Birdhouses & bird feeders add a loving touch to any home, my family enjoys the sights and sounds of our morning friends visiting for some bird seed. You can add colour and adventure to your backyard with some colourful yarn and add it to your bird feeder. The gathering birds will take the yarn bits and use it for their nests, it adds colours, brings us closer to nature colourful birds visiting and it’s a great way to reuse excess yarn.


5. Spray Paint Outdoor Chairs

My parents have dozens of these metal chairs in their basement for when big family gatherings happen. Those chairs are perfect to add some colour to your garden or back yard. They tend to rust over time so a fresh coat of colourful paint brings them back to life and creates outdoor entertaining areas fun.  It’s important to use a rust resistant spray paint found at your local hardware. Visit Home Hardware